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Top 3 Dark Web Podcasts in 2020

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Dark Web Podcasts

The dark web can be very confusing. There is a lot of jargon and misinformation that makes it hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. However, all hope is not lost. Besides the numerous online communities, there are also dark web podcasts that can help you learn more about the deep web, dark web, and darknet.

In this article, we introduce you to our top three favorite dark web podcasts that you can listen to in 2020.

Darknet Diaries

darknet diaries

Darknet Diaries is a podcast that was started in 2017 by Jack Rhysider. This podcast is dedicated to “covering true stories from the dark side of the Internet. Stories about hackers, defenders, threats, malware, botnets, breaches, and privacy.”

While Jack wanted for such a podcast to exist, he found out that there was none. That drove him to create the Darknet Diaries. The first episode for Darkent Diaries was aired in October 2017. For the most part, Jack worked alone on the first 40 episodes.

After the 40th episode, Jack got additional researchers, editors, writers and graphic designers to help with the work. Besides the Darknet Diaries, Jack also runs a tech and podcasting blog and has also appeared on several podcasts. Since its establishment, Darknet Diaries has produced over 60 episodes.

Cyber Talk Radio

Cyber Talk Radio

Cyber Talk Radio is another great darknet podcast that you can listen to. Brett Piatt is the host while James Woodward and Juan Diaz both work as producers for the podcast. The show is sponsored by Jungle Disk, LLC, which is a cybersecurity suite designed for small businesses. Bret, James, and Juan all work for Jungle Disk, LLC.

Cyber Talk Radio is a weekly podcast that focuses on computer security and the Internet. Their tagline is “From the dark web to your radio dial.”

With over 150 episodes under its belt, this show has also hosted guests for various episodes. With the guests, Brett has been able to host expert interviews on matters of cybersecurity.

The Dark Web Vlogs

Dark Web Vlogs

The Dark Web Vlogs is another exciting and thrilling deep web podcast. The podcast is hosted by an ex-CIA agent known as The Ghost. Today, The Ghost works as an Independent Operative focusing on mysterious and unbelievable cases. The host responds to requests to assist in some of the most bizarre cases that exist in the world. Individuals who reach out to the host do so because they cannot get help elsewhere or it is just not possible. In her podcast, she talks about these requests and how she helps the individuals. To ensure complete privacy, she does not use the real names of the people who reach out to her. The Ghost does her podcasts in the form of stories where she narrates the requests and the events that unfold once she accepts a request.

According to The Ghost, “These jobs are outrageous, mysterious, and unbelievable, from reaching out to other dimensions and worlds to other beings, as well as the paranormal, CERN, The Vatican, humanoid robots, and inner earth. Lizard People, Giants, Aliens and more.”

If you are looking for a thrilling podcast to listen to, The Dark Web Vlogs is a great place to start!

If you want to learn more about the dark web, you can read our article on the best dark web books or just keep browsing the Dark Web Journal.

5 Tips to Secure a Cybersecurity Internship in 2020

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Cybersecurity Internship

Cybersecurity experts are in demand and companies are willing to pay top dollar for talented staff. One of the best ways of getting your foot into the door is by securing yourself a cybersecurity internship.

In this article, we will share 5 tips with you that can help you secure a cybersecurity internship in 2020.

Get Experience and Certifications

Although an internship presents a great opportunity for you to learn, top cybersecurity companies will lean more towards employees who have some basic level experience. As such, you need to know the basics and have some level of experience. This way, you walk into your internship ready to contribute. In addition, it is important that you pursue advanced certifications as a bare minimum.

One of the certifications that you can pursue is CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). If you can get more certifications, the better. Additional certifications will make you more desirable to any potential employer.

Network with Cybersecurity Professionals

cybersecurity internships

Even with an educational background in cybersecurity, you still won’t know it all. As such, an internship in cybersecurity provides you with an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the field. You need to be eager and ready to learn. One simple way of learning is by networking. Reach out to a few cybersecurity professionals who can share with you their experience in the field and what to expect.

This way, you will be able to gain valuable insights into the real world of cybersecurity. Besides the mentoring opportunities, you will get from these people, they can also be your referee when the time comes for you to get an internship.

Stay Up-to-Date on All Things Security

Make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in cybersecurity. Being proactive and taking it upon yourself to know what’s happening in the industry and providing an educated opinion on diverse issues in your field will help set you apart from other interns. Moreover, it will help you to gain a better understanding of your assignments and tasks as well as impress your manager. Take every security incident as an opportunity to ask the right questions and learn. This will serve you well in the long term.

Besides news, you can also follow cybersecurity podcasts that can help you understand the challenges and changes the cybersecurity industry is facing. You can easily set up Google alerts for different topics such as ‘cybersecurity’ or ‘data breaches’. You can also listen to cybersecurity podcasts on your commute to and from work. In addition, you can follow discussions on social networks such as Twitter, Reddit or LinkedIn.

Gain Experience Through Volunteer Work

There will never be a substitute for experience regardless of your level of education and certification. In scenarios where two potential candidates have the same certifications, the one with experience will in most cases always get the job. As such, even as you go through your studies, try to find opportunities to volunteer. Volunteering provides you with an opportunity to gain experience, which comes in handy when applying for internships. When it comes to volunteering, you can find a professor in your college or any other local college who specializes in IT security and offer your assistance.

Also, consider doing the same for companies. The easiest way is to volunteer for start-ups who may not be able to pay you but can offer immense learning opportunities. Besides, if you do a great job, they might just offer you an internship or even a job. And even if they don’t, you can add that volunteering experience to your resume as you continue searching for an internship.

Setup a Security Lab

If you can, it is advisable that you set up a security lab. This way, you can be able to gain some hands-on experience. Setting up your own security lab will provide you with a safe environment where you can mess around without worrying about the potential damage that you can cause.

Remember, no employer will want you testing hacking tools on their own network. This can easily get you fired in the event you screw something up. You can use some old computers, cheap wireless routers, and incorporate free open-source security tools. With this, you can learn how to test and secure networks. Moreover, there are tons of free open-source tools online that you can use to experiment within the safety of your own test network.

If you are keen on a cybersecurity job, you can read more on the ten entry-level security jobs to look out for. If you want some motivation to kickstart your career in cybersecurity, you can read our article on the top five cybersecurity jobs that pay well.

Top 5 Best Laptop Privacy Screen Protectors, Reviewed for 2020

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Privacy Screen Protector

If you are looking for the best laptop privacy screen protector, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we take a look at some of the best laptop screen protectors that you can buy in 2020. 

Is a Screen Protector Necessary?

laptop privacy screen

In today’s day and age, privacy is more important than ever. You never know who’s watching.

A privacy screen protector can protect your information from prying eyes. This ensures that your information remains confidential. Besides keeping your information private, they also help protect your eyes.

Below are some of the best laptop privacy screen protectors that you can get. 

Top Laptop Privacy Screen Protectors

Akamai Laptop Privacy Screen

The Akamai Laptop Privacy Screen protector is available in a wide variety of sizes. This privacy screen does an excellent job of keeping your screen confidential. That’s because it has a long-lasting and excellent build.

This screen protector fits nicely and neatly ensuring there’s no area of your view left out. By minimizing your screen’s viewing angle to 60 degrees, you will be the only one able to see your screen. In addition, it has a straightforward and simple installation process. This ensures that anyone with limited experience can install it too. For installation, you have two options: to either use double-sided tape to stick it onto the screen directly in a more permanent way or use clear adhesive tabs to securely hold it in place. 

The two installation options allow you to take it off without any downsides. The double-sided tape and adhesive tabs come as part of your purchase. Additionally, this privacy screen is available in two different colors – black and gold. You can also get it as an anti-glare only. Akamai also offers a “no-questions-asked money-back guarantee”. If you’re ever unhappy or unsatisfied with it, you can contact them for a full refund.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Excellent and long-lasting build
  • Has a simple installation that results in a neat and perfect fit


  • Not designed to work on touchscreen laptops

3M Privacy Filter

The 3M Privacy Filter is one of the best privacy screen protectors that you can get. It delivers on its promise of keeping any unwanted onlookers from viewing your information. Similar to the Akamai privacy screen, the 3M Privacy Filter decreases the viewing angle to 60 degrees. However, it has a reversible design that caters to both matte and glossy filters. If you prefer a glossy view over a matte view, you can choose that and vice-versa. Besides, the matte filter is excellent in minimizing glare. It’s also perfect for bright areas. The glossy filter is best suited for entertainment, movies, and gaming.

This product is available in both gold and black colors. In addition, it’s available in a wide variety of sizes. You can get it anywhere in the range of 10.1 to 17.3 inches. Moreover, It has a thin, frameless and light design. This makes it lightweight, unlike the Akamai screen protector.

It has two attachment options. You can either use the slide-mount tabs or the attachment strips. Ensure that you have it in the right size for your laptop and you are assured of a perfect fit. Moreover, it features the Advanced Light Control Film (ALCF) technology. This technology ensures that nobody can look at your screen unless they are right behind it. 


  • It is lightweight thanks to the thin, frameless design
  • You can opt for a glossy or matte filter
  • Comes with two attachment options


  • It’s expensive

Eleplace Premium Privacy Screen Protector

The Eleplace Premium Privacy Screen is another excellent screen protector choice. It offers a high-quality and effective solution for keeping any unwanted eyes from seeing what you are doing.

The Eleplace screen protector has been designed with optic-grade clarity and is 100 percent protected against scratches. Furthermore, it can prevent up to 99.99 percent of LF-radiation and up to 96 percent of ultraviolet rays from your screen. This way, your eyes stay protected when you are using your laptop. Similar to the 3M and Akamai privacy screen protectors, you have two installation options. You can either use the included double-sided tape or the inbuilt clear adhesive tabs. 

The tape will provide you with a snug fit and hold it onto the screen securely. On the other hand, the adhesive tabs will securely hold it in place over the top of your screen. Both options work very well. As such, it all boils down to your preference.

The Eleplace screen protector has a conical 30-degree field of view. This way your screen is protected from onlookers, whether they are above, to the right or left of your screen. In addition, it minimizes the viewing angle to 60 degrees. 30 degrees on each side and adds a darkened tint. It also has a more solid and thicker feel compared to the 3M filter. Best part? It comes with a lifetime guarantee similar to the Akamai screen protector. Should you be unhappy or unsatisfied with its performance, you can return it and get a full refund. 


  • Designed with opti-grade clarity and is protected from scratches
  • Has two installation options
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • It’s only available in three different sizes

Kensington MacBook Privacy Screen Protector

The Kensington MacBook Screen Protector is an excellent choice for MacBook owners. It’s designed to minimize the chances of wandering eyes from viewing your confidential information. It does this by limiting the field of vision to plus or minus 30 degrees. As a result, the person on either side only sees a dark screen.

Unlike the other screen protectors discussed above, this one utilizes an innovative magnetic strip for installation. It easily integrates with your MacBook’s screen by attaching magnetically to your laptop’s frame. This eliminates setup time and instructions. Most importantly, it prevents any potentially-damaging adhesives from being used. In addition, you can easily take it off quickly. 

However, though not harmful, there is one downside to the magnetic installation. Because it attaches to the laptop’s frame, there is a gap when you close the laptop with the screen attached. This doesn’t prevent your laptop from going into sleep mode. This product has both a matte and glossy finish on either side. The matte finish helps maximize glare reduction and reduces fingerprint traces. The glossy finish helps provide a clear view of your screen. Moreover, this screen protector is able to filter out up to 22 percent of blue light. This product also comes with a storage sleeve for keeping the screen when not in use. 


  • Suited for specific MacBook laptops
  • Easy to install thanks to the magnetic strip installation
  • Comes with a storage sleeve for storing the screen 


  • Laptop doesn’t fully close with the screen attached

SightPro Privacy Screen Filter

The SightPro Privacy Screen Filter is available in various sizes. In addition, this product is compatible with various laptop models such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, Samsung, Asus, and Acer, among others. When choosing one, it’s advisable to verify both the height and width of your screen. Making a selection solely based on your screen’s diagonal size can be misleading.

This product provides superior privacy. It’s able to black out your screen blocking any form of viewing from the side. Straight-on, however, you will still be able to enjoy a crystal clear screen. Moreover, your eyes also get protected from harmful glare, blue light, and ultraviolet rays. Because of its superior privacy, you can protect sensitive information while working in public areas, subways, and airplanes. This product also comes with a microfiber cloth for cleaning the screen. 


  • Comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Protects your eyes from harmful glare, UV light, and blue lights
  • Compatible with most laptop models


  • It doesn’t block visibility from anyone directly behind you regardless of the distance

How Much Can You Earn As A Certified Ethical Hacker?

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Certified Ethical Hacker

One of the most asked questions by those starting out their hacking career is: “How much does a certified ethical hacker make?”

In this guide, we will look at the different pay scales for ethical hackers. 

What is CEH Certification? 

The certified ethical hacker exam, commonly known as CEH exam, helps certify individuals in the network security discipline from a vendor-neutral perspective. It’s a professional certification offered by the EC-Council.

The course exposes learners to standard hacking practices. Moreover, it showcases a graduate’s knowledge of information gathering, carrying out attack exploits as well as social engineering techniques. 

ethical hacking certification

For an ethical hacker, the CEH certification can help you advance your career. There are a variety of top-tier positions that require CEH certification. Examples would be:

  • Computer Forensics Analyst
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Homeland Security Specialist
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Intrusion Detection Analyst
  • Security Engineer
  • Vulnerability Tester

What is the Salary Range for CEH Certification Jobs?

The certified ethical hacker salary varies based on position, experience, organization, and location. Over the years, there have been different surveys carried out to determine the ethical hacker salary. For our research, we used data provided by Payscale and Indeed. The two are great resources for investigating salary ranges for certified ethical hackers. 

To help us unpack the data, we will look at the salary ranges based on experience and job title. 

Based on Experience

  • Entry-level – $50,000 – $100,000 – 0 to 5 years
  • Junior-level – $100,000 – $120,000 – 5 to 10 years
  • Senior-level – $120,000 and above – 10 years+

If you’ve passed your CEH exam, you can add up to nine percent to the above salaries. If you are a certified penetration tester, you can add up to ten percent. 

Based on Job Title

Most similar roles have different titles depending on the hiring organization. The case isn’t different for CEH job titles. Specialization is important if you want to get an edge over your competitors. You can choose to specialize in areas such as networking, forensics, applications security, etc. With a CEH certification, you can still earn a high income without necessarily taking on an ethical hacking job.

Below are some CEH job titles and their salary ranges: 

  • Cyber Security Analyst – $48,083 – $118,990 including bonuses (median of $74,716)
  • Forensics Computer Analyst – $42,685 – $118,615 including bonuses (median of $69,460)
  • Information Security Analyst – $48,521 – $107,004including bonuses (median of $70,817) 
  • Information Security Manager – $73,249 – $153,163 including bonuses (median of $108,662) 
  • Network Security Analyst – $41,361 – $106,829 including bonuses (median of $65,832) 
  • Penetration Tester – $50,845 – $127,713 including bonuses (median of $81,097)
  • Security Engineer – $56,016 – $132,537 including bonuses (median of $88,170) 

Additional Skills That Certified Ethical Hackers Should Have

Besides a CEH qualification, it’s important – as an ethical hacker to possess the following skills: 

  • Advanced knowledge of security protocols and common operating systems, networks and programming, cryptography and encryption techniques, exploits and countermeasures as well as telecommunications
  • Analytical skills to help review and dissect large and complex data
  • Computer language skills to understand software code and follow processing logic
  • Conceptual understanding of common threats and cybercrime
  • Communication and interpersonal skills to clearly convey information in a non-technical language
  • Logic and problem-solving skills to reverse engineer software and break it down into its different parts
  • Patience to keep making attempts to infiltrate a system 
  • Software skills to learn how to use new applications and tools quickly 
  • Psychological and social engineering insights to be able to “get into the mind of a black hat hacker” 

As an ethical hacker, you should be knowledgeable about different hacking techniques. In addition, it’s important to continuously learn and update your skills because the hacking world changes quickly. Furthermore, the more skills you have, the higher your chances of commanding a higher salary. 

If you want to learn more about hacking, you can read our guide on how to become a hacker and the best hacking books for ethical hackers

Top 10 Best Hacking Books for Ethical Hackers in 2020

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Hacking Books

If you’ve ever found yourself searching for the “best hacking books for ethical hackers,” then you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we take a look at the best hacking books that you can read in 2020.

Top 10 Ethical Hacking Books

The Hacker Playbook 2: Practical Guide to Penetration Testing

hacking books for ethical hackers

The Hacker Playbook 2 is the perfect book for anyone keen on learning about penetration testing. Peter Kim, the author of the book, offers readers a hacking game plan. Kim has worked in the security industry for several years and is also the CEO of Secure Planet, LLC. In his book, he offers readers a detailed guide to what he calls the “game” of hacking. Kim’s style of writing combines hands-on examples with helpful advice. He uses different football-style plays to describe some of the barriers people doing penetration testing face.

These barriers include various types of network attacks, bypassing antivirus software, maneuvering through security controls and privilege escalation.

GoodReads.com Reader’s Rating: 4.3

The Hardware Hacker: Adventures in Making and Breaking Hardware

The Hacker Hardware

The Hardware Hacker was published by Andrew “bunnie” Huang. Huang is one of the most revered hackers globally. Additionally, Huang also published Hacking the Xbox, a book that focuses on reverse engineering and hacking techniques. He is well-known for his contributions to the hardware and hacking fields and has also mentored some developers and hardware startups.

In this book, Huang looks back at his career and shares his experience in open hardware and manufacturing. He shares his experiences in the form of personal interviews and essays on the legitimacy of reverse engineering. This book is perfect for anyone who is curious about hardware hacking.

GoodReads.com Reader’s Rating: 4.3

RTFM: Red Team Field Manual


Red Team Field Manual authored by Ben Clark is a must-have for those keen on reading hacking books. This book is a thorough reference guide with no fluff for any serious Red Team members who occasionally find themselves with little or no time to scan through a main page or Google stuff. RTFM also details the basic syntax for frequently used Windows and Linux command line tools. In addition, it also summarizes unique use cases for powerful tools like Windows PowerShell and Python.

If you are looking to learn more about new red team techniques, this is the perfect book for you.

GoodReads.com Reader’s Rating: 4.2

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation

Art of Exploitation

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation was authored by Jon Erickson and is viewed as one of the best hacking books for beginners. The book focuses on different areas that pose a challenge for many beginners in their early ethical hacking career. In addition, it covers various topics such as hacking techniques, network communication, programming, and machine architecture. Moreover, the book details how black hat hacking techniques operate.

Erickson introduces readers to C programming from the viewpoint of a hacker. Moreover, the book comes with a CD that gives readers an entire Linux programming and debugging environment without the need to change the operating system. The software can help any beginner debug code, overflow buffers, and develop their own exploits.

GoodReads.com Reader’s Rating: 4.1

Gray Hat Hacking: The Ethical Hacker’s Handbook

gray hat hacking

Grey Hat Hacking is a book that gives readers proven strategies that have been tried and tested by security experts. This book was authored by Allen Harper, Branko Spasojevic, Chris Eagle, Daniel Regalado, Jonathan Ness, Ryan Linn, Shon Harris, and Stephen Sims. The techniques shared in this book can help readers secure their network and prevent hacking. Moreover, the authors explain in detail the different weapons, skills, and tactics used by hackers. Additionally, they provide case studies, field-tested remedies, and ready-to-deploy testing labs.

This book allows readers to understand how hackers gain access to secure networks, overtake them, and inject malicious code. Furthermore, the book elaborates on reverse engineering techniques, cyber law, and android exploits.

GoodReads.com Reader’s Rating: 4.1

Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker

World's Most Wanted Hacker

Ghost in the Wires was authored by Kevin Mitnick. He became famous between the years of 1979 and 1995 as a computer hacker. Mitnick hacked his first computer system at the age of 16 years. During that period, he was able to access networks and computers from some of the world’s biggest companies. This book tells the real story of Mitnick’s hacking journey on cellular networks, computer systems, and phone switches. Additionally, Mitnick does a great job of explaining how the mind of a hacker works.

Ghost in Wires tells a thrilling true story of suspense, intrigue and unbelievable escapes of a hacker who forced organizations to rethink how they protect their most sensitive information.

GoodReads.com Reader’s Rating: 4.0

Social Engineering: The Science of Human Hacking

Science of Human Hacking

Social Engineering by Christopher Hadnagy reveals why hackers opt to hack into systems instead of asking for access. Hadnagy explains the techniques that hackers use to gain access to sensitive spaces.

As humans, we make decisions that affect everything from our emotions to our security. Likewise, hackers have learned how to exploit the decision-making process and make you take an action that’s not in your best interest.

If you want to learn more about hacking, you can read our guide on how to become a hacker.

Top 10 Hacking Tools, Apps, And Software You Should Know (And Probably Fear)

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hacking tools

In this article, we discuss some of the most known hacking tools, apps, and software to make you aware of some of the most pressing cyber threats out there.

John the Ripper

John the Ripper also referred to by its initials JTR, is one of the most well-known password crackers. This hacking software can crack even the most complex passwords out there. It’s an excellent security tool to use to test password strength in your operating system. This password cracking tool mainly performs dictionary attacks. It takes text string samples from a text file that contains complex and popular words that can be found in a dictionary or from real passwords that have been cracked before. It encrypts them in a similar manner as the password that’s being cracked and compares the results to the encrypted string.

Although it’s an ethical hacking tool, John the Ripper can be used to decipher algorithms and passwords such as Kerberos AFS, Hash Lan Manager, DES, MD5, Blowfish, and MySQL, among others. In addition, it’s an open-source, multi-platform tool available for Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. 


One of the most commonly used hacking apps for Android is AndroRAT. AndroRAT is an abbreviation of Android and RAT, which stands for Remote Access Tool. This tool enables hackers to remotely control almost everything on an infected device, such as call logs, contacts, and even locations via Network/GPS.

In addition, a hacker can also open a URL on the device’s default browser, take a picture, stream videos, and sound from the microphone or any other source. They can also place a call or send a text message.

Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker

Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker is one of the most dangerous hacking tools for iOS. In fact, most government organizations use this tool. The tool was initially designed to help extract scientific information. However, its ability to copy any targeted gadget remotely transformed it into one of the most famous iOS hacking apps. It’s for this reason that the Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker is more of a hacking gadget than it is a programming tool.

With this tool, you can break passwords on an iPhone, decrypt iOS backups using GPU acceleration as well as iCloud Keychain, and files from the iCloud. In addition, this tool can download iCloud backups, sync data with or without an Apple ID password or get data from Microsoft accounts.


Metasploit is an open-source project for pen-testing. It’s one of the most popular hacking tools available today. The Metasploit hacking software can be described as a collection of hacking tools and frameworks that can be used to carry out different tasks. In fact, Metasploit is a must-learn tool for anyone that wants to become a penetration tester.

This software provides users with vital information with reference to known security vulnerabilities and aids in IDS testing strategies, plans, methodologies and the formulation of penetration testing for exploitation. There are three different versions of the Metasploit software:

  • Pro – suitable for IT security teams and penetration testing
  • Community – ideal for infosec students and small companies
  • Framework – excellent for security researchers and app developers 

Metasploit also supports different operating systems such as  Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.


hacking apps

Network Mapper, simply known as NMAP, is one of the most popular open-source hacking tools. It is mainly used for security auditing and network discovery. Thousands of system admins globally use it to monitor service uptime or host as well as manage service upgrade schedules.

As a tool, NMAP creatively uses raw IP packets to discover which hosts are present on the network, the kind of services the hosts are providing information on, the operating systems as well as the type and version of packet firewalls/filters that the target is using. With NMAP, the admin user can determine whether the associated nodes and network need patching. Also worth mentioning is that the NMAP tool has been featured in almost every hacker movie


Wireshark is free open-source hacking software that lets you analyze your network traffic in real-time. It has a sniffing technology that allows it to detect any network security problems. It’s also effective for solving common network problems.

Wireshark uses its sniffing technology to capture packets of data in the network in real-time and then display them in a human-readable format. This way, it becomes easier to identify any potential problems such as threats, low latency, and vulnerabilities.

THC Hydra

THC Hydra is another software that works in a similar manner to John the Ripper. It’s a very popular password cracker and has a very experienced and active development team behind it.

THC Hydra is a stable and fast network login hacking tool that uses brute-force or dictionary attacks to try different types of login combinations and passwords against any login page. It also supports several sets of protocols such as Mail (IMAP, POP3, etc), LDAP, VNC, SSH, SMB, and Databases. 


Sn1per is a well-known scanner for investigating vulnerabilities. It can easily be loaded into Kali Linux and has a free and paid version. This hacking app is perfect for scanning for vulnerabilities as well as for enumerations.

While Sn1per is an excellent application for ethical hackers who can find vulnerabilities on their servers or networks, black hat hackers can also use it for unsavory purposes.

Cain and Abel Hacking Tool

Cain and Abel (also referred to as Cain) is a very popular hacking tool. It was designed to operate as a password recovery tool for Microsoft Windows. However, off-label, black hat hackers can use it to crack different types of passwords by cracking password hashes or using network packet sniffing.

When used to crack passwords, this tool can use methods such as rainbow table attacks, brute-force attacks, dictionary attacks or cryptanalysis attacks. 


IronWASP is an excellent hacking tool for anyone that is keen on learning and performing ethical hacking. Similar to other tools we’ve mentioned in this list, IronWASP is open source and multi-platform. You can use it to audit public applications and web servers.

What makes this hacking tool appealing is that one doesn’t need to be an expert to use its main features. It’s entirely GUI-based and full scans can be done by just a few clicks.

If these hacking tools have sparked your curiosity about ethical hacking, check out our guide on how to become a hacker.

Top 10 Alternative Media Outlets to Follow in 2021

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Alternative Media

Fake news has become more prevalent today than perhaps ever before. In fact, fake news wasn’t even a term several years ago. Today, it’s one of the greatest threats to free debate, public discourse, and democracy.

As a result, alternative media has become increasingly more popular because people want to know more than what corporate-backed mainstream media is willing to share with the public.

What is Alternative Media?

The key difference between alternative media and mainstream media is that it is independent and not backed by corporate interests. Alternative media is, therefore, also referred to as independent media.

Given the growing concern around fake news, many people are turning to alternative media to learn the truth about what is really going on.

In this guide, we take a look at ten popular alternative media outlets to check out in 2020.

Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times (SOTT.net) is a distinct player in the alternative media space. SOTT has 120 volunteer editors in different countries across the globe. They curate news from around the world and publish them on the news platform.

Articles are formatted form various sources into a single, readable format. Each article features a commentary from the editor, which is differentiated from the main article with a blue background.

SOTT.net doesn’t accept any commercial advertising and support. Instead, it achieves its objectives through reader donations and its own resources. Advertisement on its website is either from their own fundraising products or unpaid publicity offered to their research partners and friends.


Truthdig was founded in 2005 by editor-in-chief Robert Scheer and publisher Zuade Kaufman. The alternative news media is dedicated to reporting on current issues that aren’t sufficiently covered by mainstream media. In fact, their motto is “drilling beneath the headlines”. They do this to provide readers with expert reporting and commentary from a liberal point of view. As such, they offer an outlet for exceptional journalists to publish their original work. The platform is known for credible and honest reporting as well as careful fact-checking.

Shareholders or advertisers do not influence Truthdig. This gives them the freedom and responsibility to publish the type of content they do. In fact, their commitment has enabled them to continuously get grants from philanthropists and foundations. In addition, they also receive contributions from readers who want them to maintain their excellent commentary and reporting. Besides giving their contributors freedom on what to write, the team is also largely comprised of writers and editors who’ve worked for major publications. These publications include The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and the San Fransisco Chronicle, among others.

The Empire Files

The Empire Files is an alternative media outlet whose content is in video format. Curated by Abby Martin, the videos posted on theempirefiles.tv take more of an interview style. Martin’s no-nonsense journalism exposes the world as a place that’s riddled by war and inequality. Something that the mainstream media doesn’t share with the public.

Martin focuses on issues such as mass shootings, Islamophobia, and trans rights in America. She also has other interviews on different issues in various countries such as Syria, Venezuela, etc. In all these, Martin focuses on how empires run the world.

The Empire Files platform doesn’t have advertisements. Instead, the media outlet asks viewers to donate or buy Empire Files merch.

The Corbett Report

The Corbett Report is another popular alternative media source that is run by James Corbett. The platform is independent and operates on the open-source intelligence principle. Moreover, it’s also supported by its listeners. It features different content in different formats such as interviews, podcasts, videos, and articles.

The Corbett Report focuses on current affairs and breaking news. Corbett focuses on a wide range of issues such as geopolitics, false flag terror, central banking fraud, eugenics among others. Corbett himself operates the platform.

He created the platform back in 2007 as an avenue for independent critical analysis of society, politics, economics, and history. Since he established it, Corbett has written, recorded and edited thousands of hours of video and audio for the site as well as online video series for YouTube.

SGT Report

SGT Report describes itself as the “corporate propaganda antidote.” They also go ahead to describe themselves as the “source for truth in a time of universal deceit.”

SGT Report originally focused on precious metals and economic news. With time, it became more political and begun focusing on current affairs. Still, it stayed true to its precious metal beginnings. The platform is hosted by Sean, who is passionate about discovering the truth in our world. He shares hard-hitting truths with the public to uncover the lies and disinformation shared by corporate media.

Sean’s storytelling style encourages readers to investigate and question the world they live in. SGT Report is a popular alternative media source as Sean takes readers through all the information while discovering the truth with everyone.

We Are Change

We Are Change is another independent media outlet to follow in 2020. It’s an independent, non-partisan media outlet run by independent journalist Luke Rudkowski.

The platform seeks to expose the lies told by the corporate elite and the government. We Are Change focuses more on finding the truth by asking the questions that mainstream media doesn’t ask.

We Are Change’s goal is to create a community of peacemakers and truth-seekers who share a commitment to non-violent action. They also don’t discriminate on any basis. Anyone who wants to join We Are Change can do so either as an individual or a group.

Truthstream Media

Truthstream Media is a platform that focuses on “seeking answers”. Aaron and Melissa – a couple who are keen on understanding what is really happening – launched the media outlet. The platform provides both articles and videos. The videos have excellent video production. Furthermore, the series, documentaries, and videos all have great quality. They report from their personal perspectives, which gives their audience a nice and refreshing angle.

The couple always carries out their hard investigative journalism before they can present their experience to an audience. Similar to SGT Report, Aaron and Melissa try to figure things out with their audience making the alternative media platform even more interesting.


Anti-Media is another alternative media outlet you can go to for independent news. The platform grew from a fiercely independent news blog to what it is today; “the Homepage of Independent Media”.

Anti-Media is a non-partisan media aggregator and anti-establishment news publisher. The platform has grown by combining its strengths of broad-spectrum anti-establishment journalism, a huge network of free thinkers and activists from across the political spectrum, and strategic partnerships with different independent media outlets.

Through their platform, users can sign up, submit their content and using the Anti-Media’s voting system, decide where they’d want their content published. In addition, Anti-Media asks their readers or people who find their work valuable to donate to them.

Zero Hedge

Zero Hedge is arguably one of the most popular alternative media outlets for financial and economics news. At the time, their motto was “On a long enough timeline all fiat currencies return to their intrinsic value of zero”. Over the years, their popularity grew and their slogan changed.

Today, their slogan is “On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.” Many people view Zero Hedge as a “doom and gloom” site as their content isn’t for the faint-hearted. ZH is a good platform to check out what alternative media is saying about current economic affairs.


Adbusters is a progressive liberal print magazine for anyone who is fed up with corporate influence. The publication wants to share radical ideas in the hopes of changing the present-day corporate status quo to something more humane.

Adbusters focuses on grassroots efforts and culture jamming in a bid to bring change to society.

Top 7 Hacking Games, Reviewed for 2020

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Hacking Games

If you want to dive into the world of hacking without actually breaking into anyone’s computer system, you can get your hands on hacking games.

In this guide, we take a look at the top seven hacking games that you can play in 2020. 


Image by Steam

Gunpoint is a popular hacking game that is a combination of stealth and puzzle-solving. Moreover, it includes partial hacking now and then. The game takes place in the future where Richard Convoy, a spy, has to penetrate buildings to fulfill assignments from different clients. To do this, you have to use a hacking gadget, the crosslink, to sneak your way through the buildings. You can opt to rewire the lights in a room so that they go off when you enter. Alternatively, you can lure the guard and lock him outside before you can gain entry. Simply put, you have to do what you can to bypass security features and avoid guards to complete any of the given mission.

Additional features include:

  • Choose your own style of play
  • Discover your own solutions to different levels
  • Purchase any gadgets to suit your playstyle 

Available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Quadrilateral Cowboy

hacking game
Image by Steam

Quadrilateral Cowboy is an excellent hacking game by Brendon Chung. He is behind games such as Thirty Flights of Loving and Gravity Bone. In this game, you become the computer hacker who, armed with a “top-of-the-line hacking deck outfitted with a 56.6k modem and a staggering 256k RAM”, oversees one or more agents who penetrate buildings and steal documents. Different agents have different abilities. As the player, you get to experience what the agents are experiencing via virtual reality goggles. In addition, you have to come up with a program by typing a code on your keyboard that helps you manipulate the building’s security features without triggering the alarms. Moreover, the programs have to be designed with the right timing to allow them to bypass the various obstacles without setting off the alarm. 

Additional features:

  • You have access to other gadgets that can be programmed to help with the heist
  • Available as a standard edition and deluxe edition 

Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Invisible, Inc. 

Image by Steam

In Klei Entertainment’s Invisible, Inc. you acts as a remote operator for a spying agency that is under attack from multinational organizations. As a result, you have to direct agents in secret missions, acquiring support and resources that can allow them to relocate the agency’s computer system to a safe haven.

Additional features: 

  • You can choose from five different play modes
  • Customizable build allows you to adapt to your surroundings
  • Each playthrough is different thanks to the randomly generated world

 Available on Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, and iOS.


Image by Steam

Darknet is a puzzle/strategy game in which players play as elite hackers who have been contracted to recover data from the world’s most secure networks. This award-winning game plays in a first-person perspective and requires careful planning and smart execution. You need to conquer the net, a hidden cyber world, by diving into networks directly for a personal and up-close hacking experience. You can do this using worms, viruses, and exploits. The game is a procedural level generation game which means no two levels are alike.

Additional features: 

  • Designed to help players improve their hacking skills
  • Features an in-game currency for upgrading your tools
  • An intuitive and fluid UI

Available for Android and iOS.


Image by Steam

Hacknet is among the best simulator hacker games available. It’s a terminal-based, immersive hacking simulator for PCs. In this game, Bit, a hacker who is responsible for developing the most invasive security systems on earth is dead. However, the media reports it as an accident but that might not be the case. When he doesn’t reconnect to his system for 14 days, his failsafe kicks in and sends instructions in an automated email to a lone user, you. As a result, it’s now up to you to uncover the mystery and ensure that Hacknet-OS doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Additional features: 

  • The game focuses on real hacking 
  • You get a chance to gain insight into the world of hacking 
  • Designed with instructions to provide an easy learning curve

Available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Deus Ex

hacker game
Image by Steam

Deus Ex is another role-playing hacker game. It is a series of six games: Deus ex (2000), Deus Ex: Invisible War (2003), Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011), Deus Ex: The Fall (2013), Deus Ex Go (2016) and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (2016). In this game, the year is 2052 and the world has become a chaotic and dangerous place. Terrorists are operating openly and killing thousands of people. In addition, more and more people are dying from diseases, drugs, and pollution. The world’s economies are about to collapse and the ever-growing gap between the wealthy and the poor grows ever wider. Moreover, the secretive factions are now emerging and fighting on who will control the world. 

Additional features: 

  • It has action, problem-solving and character interaction
  • The game adapts to each individual player’s style of play
  • It’s realistic and features recognizable locations 

Available on Microsoft Windows, macOS and PlayStation 2.

Watch Dogs

Image by Steam

Watch Dogs was created by Ubisoft Montreal and is all about revenge. In this game, you play Aiden Pearce, a former thug and brilliant hacker whose criminal past resulted in a violent family tragedy. He is now on the hunt for those who harmed his family using a system called Central Operating System (CTOS). This system holds crucial information from every resident of the city and controls almost every piece of the city’s technology. With this system, Aiden Pearce is able to monitor and hack everyone by manipulating everything connected to the CTOS. This includes downloading personal information to help you find a target or controlling the public transportation system to stop the enemy. 

Additional features:

  • Takes place in a simulated city
  • Customize your own style of play
  • Access to over 30 traditional weapons 

Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, and Wii U.

If you want to learn more about hacking, you can read our guide on how to become a hacker.

Best VPNs for Torrenting According to Reddit

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Best VPNs for Torrenting Reddit

Virtual private networks (VPNs) offer an extra layer of security and privacy for internet users. One thing that most Redditors are wary of is their privacy online. It’s no wonder the best VPN for torrenting Reddit is always a topic of discussion on the Reddit platform.

In this guide, we review some of the best VPNs for torrenting according to Reddit users.

Best Torrenting VPNs According to Redditors



NordVPN is one of the most upvoted VPNs on Reddit. It’s considered as one of the best for bypassing geoblocks, torrenting, and streaming. It has more than 5,200 servers in 59 countries.

The servers offered by NordVPN are dedicated P2P servers that help maximize download speeds while maintaining the expected level of security. 

NordVPN has an application for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and Android TV. It also has an encrypted proxy extension for Chrome and Firefox. In addition, with a single NordVPN account, you can simultaneously secure up to six different devices. Being a paid-for VPN service, NordVPN has three different plans that you can choose from. It has a monthly plan which is more expensive, a one-year, two-year and three-year plan. They also offer a 30-day free trial. 

NordVPN also has a strict no-logs policy that helps protect its users as it doesn’t record your online activity. It works well with torrent clients, which helps ensure that your anonymity is maintained across different torrent networks. This service also masks your IP address by connecting you to its secure servers via a private VPN tunnel. It has a kill switch and DNS leak protection that ensures your true location doesn’t leak when connected to this VPN. The kill switch feature also lets you choose specific apps to cover. This way, internet access will be blocked to those apps should anything go wrong with your NordVPN. 


  • One of the best VPNs for torrenting and bypassing geoblocks
  • Has a strict no-logs policy
  • Features a kill switch and DNS leak protection 


  • In some areas, NordVPN isn’t the fastest 
  • The monthly plan is more expensive compared to the other yearly plans



ProtonVPN is another VPN service that has also received several upvotes on Reddit. It has a huge server selection and high connection speeds. This secure VPN service sends all your internet traffic via an encrypted VPN tunnel. This way, you can have peace of mind that all your confidential data can stay secure even when using public internet connections.

Your browsing history is also safe and private thanks to the no-log user activity policy. In addition, they don’t share their data with third parties. This way, you can safely browse the internet without worrying about being surveilled.

ProtonVPN was created to protect activists and journalists who use the ProtonMail. What this means is that this service is able to break down any barriers of internet censorship so you can access any website or content. In fact, ProtonVPN is one of the most secure VPNs thanks to the featured secure core and perfect forward secrecy technology. In addition, their headquarters are in Switzerland, which happens to have some of the world’s strongest privacy laws. And, because they are not within the US or EU jurisdiction, they are not a member of the 14 eyes surveillance network. 

It also integrates with the Tor network, which enables you to route all your traffic with a single click via Tor and gain access to Onion sites. This service offers unlimited bandwidth and allows you to connect up to ten different devices depending on the plan you choose. They have three different paid-for plans for you to choose from. In addition, they also have a free plan. 


  • Has hundreds of servers globally
  • Multi-platform support 
  • Has a free-to-use VPN service


  • The free version is only available in three different countries and can only connect to one device
  • The connecting countries and devices are limited depending on the plan you opt for

Mullvad VPN


Mullvad VPN is one of the easiest VPNs to use. In fact, the ease of use is why most Redditors love it. It also has a no-frills approach and its pricing is cost-effective in comparison to other VPN services.

Currently, Mullvad VPN offers applications for Windows and macOS but doesn’t for iOS and Android. However, Mullvad VPN is one of the only services that provides an application for Fedora and Debian OS. 

It also offers all the security must-haves such as a no-logs policy and 256-bit encryption. But what sets this service apart is its anonymous accounts. When a new user signs up, it assigns an account number instead of a username and password like other services do. Because of this, it doesn’t ask for your name, email address or any other identifying information for that matter. In addition, besides accepting payment via credit cards, bank wire, PayPal and Swish, Mullvad VPN also accepts cash payments.

It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee – just like NordVPN and ProtonVPN – with a three-hour trial period. It’s important to note that while Mullvad has some excellent features, it doesn’t offer a complete package as it lacks some must-have features such as a kill switch. 


  • Your privacy is 100 percent guaranteed as it doesn’t ask for personal details such as name or email address
  • It’s cost-effective in comparison to other VPNs and allows for cash payments 
  • Very easy to use


  • It doesn’t have a kill switch
  • Only offers a three-hour trial period

If you are looking for a free VPN, you can read our review of the best free VPNs for torrenting.

Disclaimer: Torrenting or downloading copyrighted files is illegal. The Dark Web Journal does not condone, support or promote the illegal sharing of copyrighted content.

Hacking 101: A Beginner’s Guide on How to Become a Hacker

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how to become a hacker

If you want to learn hacking but have no idea where to start, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you will discover how to become a hacker. But first, let’s talk about what hacking is, the different types of hackers, and whether hacking is illegal or not.

What is Hacking?

Hacking refers to identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a system and gaining access to it without authorization. A hacker is a person that targets a system and gets unauthorized access to it. However, there are ethical hackers who have permission to lawfully and legitimately gain access to a system.

Before we delve deeper into hacking 101, it’s important to state that not all hackers are bad. In mainstream media, hackers are generalized as cybercriminals. However, that isn’t always the case.

Hackers are categorized depending on the type of metaphorical “hat” they wear – ‘white hat’, ‘grey hat’ or ‘black hat’. That said, there are 10 types of hackers but for the sake of this article, we shall only take a look at five.  

  • White hat hacker – also known as an ethical hacker is a hacker who gains access to protected networks and systems to test and assess their security. They expose vulnerabilities and improve security before malicious hackers can gain access and exploit them
  • Black hat hacker – a classical hacker that gains unauthorized access to a system or network and exploits them for malicious or financial gain
  • Grey hat hacker – a hacker who gains unauthorized access to a secure system or network but reveals the weaknesses to the said company
  • Hacktivist – a hacktivist is a type of computer hacker that breaks into a system and creates messages geared towards certain social issues
  • Script kiddie – a script kiddie is a hacker who is a newbie in the hacking field. He or she doesn’t usually cause any major damage because they don’t have the experience to

Is Hacking Illegal?

is hacking illegal

“Is hacking illegal?” is a common question on the internet. The answer is yes and no. It depends on the intentions of the hacker.

Hacking isn’t illegal until someone hacks into a system or network and causes malice. Illegal hacking, therefore, refers to a hacker gaining access to a system with no authorization with the intention of causing damage. Still, even if an individual hacks into a system and doesn’t cause any harm, it’s still illegal as long as no permission was given.

Legal hacking has been narrowly defined leaving it to the hacker to become conversant with both local and national laws relating to hacking. It can be loosely defined as hacking into a computer system with written permission. Legal hacking, also known as white hat hacking, is largely used by organizations that want to ensure their computer systems are safe. To do this, they hire white hat hackers to find vulnerabilities.

How to Become a Hacker

Now that we have discussed what hacking is, the different types of hackers, and whether or not hacking is illegal, let’s talk about how to become a hacker.

learn hacking

Start With the Basics

As a beginner with little or no knowledge, one of the best ways that you can start learning is by beginning with the basics of hacking. Instead of immediately learning how to hack, you can start by exploring topics like computer networks, firewalls, network ports, network protocols such as IP addresses, FTP, SMTP, DNS, HTTP, etc. You can also start learning about other operating systems such as Linux whose knowledge is very important in the hacking field. The more you keep learning about hacking basics, the easier it becomes to find system weaknesses.

Once you’ve mastered the basic understanding of the primary concepts, you will find it easier to grasp different hacking techniques. In addition, as you continue to gain experience, you can gradually begin to get into higher levels of hacking.

Find a Good Learning Source

A lot of the content that is available in both books and on hacking websites is for experienced hackers. Usually, they contain technical information on the latest system vulnerabilities and how to exploit them.

However, the case is different for beginners. There aren’t enough hacking tutorials or content that teach hacking in a simple manner. The majority of the ones available don’t teach the basics of hacking.

Still, there are a handful of few authors and websites that teach hacking to beginners. If you search the internet long enough, you will find them.

Learn Programming

Learning programming is an optional choice. However, If you are serious about becoming a hacker, then programming is something that you have to learn. Especially, if you have no working knowledge of it.

Of course, there are lots of ready-made programs and tools that you can use to hack with relative ease. However, there’s nothing wrong with having some basic knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript or C++.

These languages will enable you to be in a position to build your own programs and exploit codes. They will also make it easier to handle and interpret any code that you encounter in your hacking career.

Learn Both UNIX and Windows

There are a few operating systems besides Windows and OS. If you want to become a good hacker, it’s important that you learn other operating systems to expand your hacking knowledge. Most web applications and servers run on UNIX. Besides, more companies are switching to UNIX-based operating systems because they are more secure than Windows.

Most experienced and professional hackers use UNIX as their main operating system. While there’s no denying that you can still accomplish many things using Windows, it’s not as complete and secure as UNIX. That simply means that it’s not suitable for hacking or penetrating testing. As a beginner, while it’s important to learn all operating systems, it’s important you invest your time in learning a system that everyone uses.

You should also be willing to constantly and continuously learn new things given how fast technology keeps changing.

Mastering the Art of Hacking

hacking 101

Just like with any sport or habit, you can never be perfect. And neither can you learn it in a day. You need to constantly keep up with the changes in your industry so that you don’t miss out. The same applies to hacking.

It isn’t something that can be learned overnight. And, you should never be in a rush to get going. You have to take baby steps. That means learning and improving your skills each day. You have to put in the work by making time for it.

Learning how to hack fully depends on you and the effort and dedication you put. Also, depending on the type of learner you are, it can take anything between a few months to several years to acquire all the important skills needed. Besides the available tutorials, you can read books, participate in forums such as Quora where you can cross share knowledge with other learners or professionals who have more experience than you do. Find practical examples that give you a step by step guide on how you can hack like a professional.

There are lots of resources available. Find what works for you and stick to it. Every individual can become a hacker as long as they start from the basics. If you want to learn how to be a hacker, you need to find a good source of knowledge, be passionate and be patient with yourself.

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