5 Ways Your Instagram Account Can Be Hacked

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Today, Instagram is on almost everyone’s phone. It’s an excellent app to stay connected with your loved ones, stalk your crush, and share your life through pictures or videos.

Like other applications, Instagram requires users to have a password. However, users often go for easy-to-remember passwords which creates vulnerabilities. These types of passwords are vulnerable and can lead to Instagram hacking.

Instagram hackers use various ways to hack into IG accounts. In this guide, you will discover the top five most common ways your Instagram account could get hacked.

Instagram Spy Software

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A typical software that can be used to access IG accounts is mSpy Instagram Tracker. It is used to gain access or track someone’s activities on Instagram, even without the target knowing they are being watched. The tracker also allows remote monitoring of direct messages, comments, tagged photos, and shared content without logging into someone else’s account.

The basic functionality of this spying app is pretty much the same with other spying apps. It has to be installed on phones that are being tracked. mSpy is not only used to spy on Instagram accounts, but it can also reveal messages from WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger, and other social networks. It also provides access to text messages, emails, website history, and calls.

To prevent someone from spying on your private life, you should check your phone settings regularly and uninstall applications you cannot recognize. mSpy loses the ability to track your activities once it is uninstalled.

Phishing Websites

Phishing websites are another common way to hack into Instagram accounts. Instagram hackers set up a phishing page that looks exactly like the real Instagram landing page to collect your login details.

Hackers send a link to their fake login page. Once you enter your login credentials, the page records all the entries and sends it to them. That allows them to obtain access to your Instagram username and password.

The safest way to ensure you do not fall prey is to not click on links sent to you out of the blue.

Forgot Password Feature

One of the simplest ways hackers can gain access to an Instagram account is through the use of Instagram’s “Forgot Password” feature. However, the other piece of this is gaining access to the target’s email address or phone number.

The gateway to your account is either through an email address or phone number. So, ensure that you do not give access to your email address login details or leave your email open on someone else’s browser.


Keyloggers are one of the most advanced ways to hack an Instagram account. Each tap and click on the target’s device is tracked without the target having the hint of being watched. That information is then sent to the hacker by the keylogger.

Uninstalling the keylogger software blocks it from tracking activities on your phone or computer. However, keyloggers are not always easy to notice, which is why they pose such a threat to their victims.

Hacking Tools

Hacking Tools are pieces of software that hackers use to gain access to devices. There are lots of free applications on the internet that allow hackers access to your phone. That makes them even more dangerous.

Most hacking tools are used by security experts for legal purposes. However, there are “black hat hackers” that indulge in Instagram hacking via specialized software.

The best way to prevent any Instagram hacking software from accessing your account is to ensure you upgrade your phone as soon as you receive the latest updates with security patches.

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