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Top 5 Creepiest Deep Web Videos Ever Found

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Hundreds of deep web videos exist. You don’t need to search the dark web for too long to come across them. They range from the horrific and illegal to the weird and bizarre.

In this article, you will find five of the creepiest dark web videos that have ever been found in the darknet. Watch at your own risk!

1. Happy Anniversary

Exactly eight years after the mysterious disappearance of UMass student, Maura Murray, several creepy videos that were relatable to her disappearance hit the internet. One that particularly pulled a lot of reactions had an old man cackle on the camera, before the blackening of the screen, and the appearance of the phrase “Happy Anniversary.”

Although the user’s true identity is still a mystery, a lot of people have connected his name to the street where Murray’s wrecked car was discovered. She has not been found since her disappearance, and naturally, people tried to connect the video with her disappearance. The mysterious username of the poster added fuel to the speculations. However, the police were unable to place anything in the video as substantial evidence.

2. I Feel Fantastic

The “I Feel Fantastic” video shows a spooky animatronic mannequin (Tara) with its head-turning from side to side and its arm jerking. While the movement continues, the lyrics of the song “I feel fantastic” keeps repeating itself over in an appreciating synth line. What makes the deep web video even more creepy is the fact that its poster has not made another upload since the clip dropped. Nothing much happened in the video besides the seeming robotic movement of Tara’s head and arm and the repetition of the phrase. However, the clip gets freaky in two brief moments, in-between the performance of Tara.

The first moment briefly showed what looked like a forest. The camera tries to momentarily zoom in on a pile of leaves, sticks, and dirt. The second moment involved the presence of a few phrases in Tara’s song. The phrases include: “Please leave'” and a reputation of “Run, run, run…”

Both instances have caused a lot of uproar among viewers, with some viewers suspecting the poster of murder.

Some viewers believe that the video offers a clue to Tara’s real fate. Perhaps the poster was her real murderer who created the video out of guilt, subconsciously wishing that he’d be caught through it.

3. Blank Room Soup

The “Blank Room Soup” video is also thought to have emerged from the dark web. At first glance, anybody would think the video to be relatively tame, especially since it only showed a man, eating soup at the table with blacked-out eyes. Somewhere along, a person comes up and starts to pat him on the back. As the patting continues, the eating man begins to sob. After a little while, a second person dressed like the first walks in and appears to be attempting to comfort the crying man.

A lot of people saw it as a prank or a joke when it was uploaded in 2007. After nine years, however, without anybody appearing to claim it, stories have begun to fly around about what the video might have genuinely meant.

Some people believe that the man was crying because he was about to die, while others say that he was forced to eat human remains from the plate. Gross!

4. The Max Headroom Hack

In the year 1987, someone costumed as Max Headroom interrupted two separate programs of popular television channels in Chicago.

During the interruptions, the hacker tried to replicate some of Headroom’s masterpieces. After a while of jumping through different acts, the video cut, and the stations got back to their regular programs.

While there are still no specific reasons for the hacker’s action, there has been a lot of speculations on the reasons behind it. It’s been decades now, and those behind it were never caught.

5. The Elisa Lam Footage

If you’ve heard of just one video on the list, then it is most probably Elisa Lam. The video was released on February 14, 2013, by the LAPD after Lam was declared missing from her hotel room. The footage shows Lam acting rather strangely in the hotel’s elevator. She’s seen fumbling with the buttons in the elevator, probably in an attempt to close the door, but it refuses. She kept trying the buttons over again but keep getting the same result all the time. After a while of repeating the actions, the doors closed.

On February 19, Lam’s body was discovered in one of the rooftop water tanks of the hotel. Investigators pegged her death as an accidental drowning, as there was no sign of suicide or foul play. Many viewers are still speculating that she was either fleeing a pursuer, experiencing a bipolar episode, or under the influence of drugs. Whatever the case, the video is disturbing.

There you have it, five of the creepiest deep web videos ever found but there are lots of others that we haven’t listed. However, be careful what you click on when you are looking at content on the dark web. What you see, you cannot unsee. So, watch with care or better still, not at all!

Feranmi is a freelance contributor to the Dark Web Journal. He is an experienced researcher and writer in areas such as decentralization and cryptocurrencies.

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