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3 Reasons Why You Should Never Order a Dark Web Mystery Box

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Dark web mystery boxes have become a thing on YouTube. While most of these videos are fake, you can purchase a dark web mystery box on some darknet marketplaces.

In this article, we look at three reasons why you should never order a dark web mystery box.

What is a Dark Web Mystery Box?

A dark web mystery box is a box of unknown items that you can buy from a darknet marketplace. Buyers usually acquire them for their surprise element and shock factor.

While they may be intriguing, buying these boxes can put you in danger and/or lead to legal repercussions.

Below you will find a list of three reasons as to why you shouldn’t order a mystery box on the dark web.

You May Not Get Anything After You Pay

After ordering your dark web mystery box, chances are that you may never receive the item. There is no consumer protection on the dark web. People who offer services on the deep web intentionally use that to stay anonymous and avoid tracking.

You may spend a small fortune on “rare” dark web mystery boxes and never receive them. You won’t also be able to get your money back too.

Most payment processors do not work with stores on the dark web or linked to it. That means payments are made through unconventional methods, like cryptocurrencies.

When you make payments in bitcoin on the deep web, you will be unable to get it back in case you get scammed.

You May End Up With Illegal Items

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The dark web is a fertile ground for criminal activities due to the difficulty involved in tracking users. Ordering a dark web mystery box, therefore, puts you at risk of participating in illegal activity.

You may receive a stolen item, contraband, or something that was used in a crime. As a result, you may end up on the wrong side of the law. And law enforcement may come knocking on your door since your address and purchase may link you to criminal activity.

For instance, combined operation in March 2019 by law enforcement in the United States, Europe, and Canada led to the arrest of people that traded on the dark web. The operation – dubbed SaboTor – gathered intelligence information through different channels, according to Europol and the FBI.

Sharing Your Information on the DarkWeb Is Not Safe

Besides illegal marketplaces, the dark web is also known as a farm for personal information.

Under regular circumstances, you will have to share some sort of personal information with the site or store to receive your order at your doorstep. This process means that you share your data with a random person on the most dangerous part of the web.

Giving people on the dark web access to your data allows them to sell it to other bad actors. Also, they could target you for attacks or use it as a leverage for blackmail.

There have been stories of people tracing people and showing up at their houses from the dark web. Further, hackers could use your information to steal your accounts online or engage in phishing attacks.

In short, you are better off without your data in a dark web store’s database.

Dark web mystery boxes may seem like an intriguing thing to explore. However, purchasing these surprise items may put you at risk.