Top 10 Pirate Bay Alternatives, Reviewed for 2021

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pirate bay alternatives
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The Pirate Bay (TPB) is has been a popular torrent site for people looking to share files. However, TPB is regularly facing shutdowns by Internet Service Providers, which means people need to look for Pirate Bay alternatives to continue to share files.

Below, you will find ten Pirate Bay alternatives that work in 2021.


TorLock is one of the largest torrenting sites and pirate bay alternatives on the internet with over 4.8 million verified torrents.

The platform is different from other torrent sites in the sense that it has a very strict privacy policy. It does not log any of your actions on the site and you’re not tracked around the internet. Its torrents are well-indexed, the search bar is effective, and it is pretty reliable when compared to other sites.


This torrent site has been a favourite torrent site for a while now due to its high reliability and a low number of ads. You’ll be sure to find almost everything you’re looking for on KickassTorrents, which makes it a good piratebay alternative.

Although it is blocked in certain countries, with a VPN for torrenting, some people still access it anywhere. The homepage of this site has recommendations you can go through if you’re not sure of the movies you want to download.


1337x has a lot of files in different categories to offer its users. The user interface is well-organized making it quite easy to navigate. It doesn’t hurt that 1337x is rated as the most visually appealing torrent site.

This pirate bay alternative also gives users the choice to stream content online if that’s their preference. To make finding the desired file easy, the site has a search tab and a well-arranged list of available categories.


RARBG has a reputation for being the safest site in the world of torrenting. With a user-friendly interface and consistent delivery of high-quality videos, RARBG has set the bar high. This site has been blocked in some countries such as Portugal, Bulgaria, and the UK but it still serves as a good proxy to The Pirate Bay in some other countries. The only downside to using this site is the presence of numerous ads.


ExtraTorrent prides itself as one of “the biggest BitTorrent systems” around. Here, you’ll find a wide range of files. It has an excellent search engine and although the interface is not the friendliest, it is still a very good torrent site.


Zooqle is very popular among gamers as it has a lot of games available for download. Compared to other pirate bay alternatives, Zooqle is quite young but it has gained a lot of popularity among users of torrent sites.

Already, it has over three million verified torrents across various categories. Locating files is easy thanks to the presence of a search option that allows you to specify the size, language, category, and indexing time of the torrents. You’ll also find a list of the most seeded torrents on the homepage.


YTS is a great place to find high-quality files. It ranks the most popular torrents at the top to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for. As a result, it is another great The Pirate Bay alternative for active file-sharers.


EZTV has many interesting features that help it stand out from other torrent alternatives. It has a built-in anonymity checker, a calendar that shows the dates of new files, an active forum, and a FAQ page. This site, however, uses a lot of blank pop-ups. So, the use of a pop-up blocker is highly recommended to improve user experience.


LimeTorrents has a massive torrent catalog. Its green-colored interface is friendly and easy to use. This site has a search bar that is highly effective in finding whatever a user wants on the site.

However, LimeTorrents has one disadvantage. Its seed-to-peer ratio is low. This translates to a reduction in the download speed of old torrents that are no longer in demand so downloading old files will take longer than it usual.


Although it’s new, it has become very popular among users of torrent sites. The reason for this is not far-fetched. iDope has indexed over twelve million verified torrents. It also provides quality content in small file size e.g 720p with a download feature that is more seamless than the others. Its layout is also beautiful and very easy to navigate.

There are numerous other pirate bay alternatives that allow you to get access to loads of torrents without having to reveal your identity.

Disclaimer: Torrenting isn’t illegal. However, downloading copyrighted material may be illegal in your jurisdiction. Ensure you keep safe while using any of these pirate bay alternatives.

Top 7 Anime Torrents Websites, Reviewed for 2020

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anime torrents

Anime provides a wide range of entertainment – from horror to romance, and even comedy. Some watch it for its artistic value as well, drawn in by the detailed manner in which the animation is made. However, it can be difficult to find anime online because it is often restricted to streaming sites.

To help you get your anime fix, we have compiled a list of seven anime torrenting websites that you can use to find the best anime torrents.


With over 35 million visits per month, Nyaa is one of the most popular torrent sites, and for good reason. It has an extensive library of all things anime, from anime movies to TV shows and ebooks.

The anime torrents are organized and easy to navigate, with new animes constantly being uploaded. Nyaa also gives you the size and date (when it was uploaded) of each torrent.

Additionally, Nyaa also shows you a short overview of anime videos allowing you to pick the exact anime you want, in the size you’re comfortable with. Interestingly, you don’t even have to create a user account to use this site.

Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho is another great site for downloading anime torrents. This site has an easy-to-navigate UI and an impressive library of anime torrents.

It posts up-to-date anime torrents on its homepage and doesn’t require you to create a user account before you can download it from the site. There are constantly new uploads on the site, so you’re sure to find that particular anime you’re looking for.


AniRena provides a wide range of anime torrents and uses a clean UI. It also shows you the size of the anime torrent and the number of downloads for each.

It’s a site to try if you’re looking for a place to get great quality anime. You don’t need to have an account to access their extensive library, but you could join their Discord community when you create an account.

Shana Project

Shana Project has an extensive library with high-quality anime available to anyone and everyone. It shows you the quality of the anime torrent (HD or SD) and the file size.

You don’t need to create an account to use this site but you get added benefits if you do. The benefits include the opportunity to follow your favorite torrents and a feature that automatically downloads new episodes of any anime you choose as soon as it is released.

anime torrenting websites

Anime Layer

Anime Layer uses an approach different from other torrent sites, in terms of its UI. It shows an image related to each anime, a detailed synopsis, the resolution, size, the language in which it is subtitled in, and much more.

You get all the information you need to know about a particular anime before you even click on it. Even though the website is Russian, it’s easy to translate it into English.


AnimeTorrents is a beautiful site for downloading all things anime, similar to Nyaa. It has a large collection of anime content, though you register to access it.

You can view comments on a particular anime torrent, to help you determine if you should download it. AnimeTorrents is often the first site to have high-quality files for new episodes and series, making it a favorite for hundreds of anime fans.


KissAnime offers a large collection of anime torrents to choose from, as well as manga. The torrents are well organized and sorted based on criteria like most viewed.

The user-friendly interface makes KissAnime easy to navigate. KissAnime also allows users to post and view comments, enabling you to determine which torrent is worth your time.

On these anime torrenting websites, you will likely find the anime content you want. Before downloading any torrents, however, ensure that you remain within the legal boundaries of your jurisdiction.

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