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Banned from Discord? Find Out How to Get Unbanned

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Getting banned from a digital platform can be a real bummer, especially when it happens without warning. In this guide, you will find out how to get unbanned from Discord and how to avoid a Discord ban in the future.

What is Discord?

Discord Ban

Discord is a free Voice over IP (VoIP) digital platform that brings together gamers from all over the world. As a result, the platform has built a community of gamers that chat, share ideas, create new memories, and make new friends.

The first release of Discord was in 2015. Since then, the platform has attracted about 56 million monthly users.

You can use Discord on a web browser, Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux. Moreover, Discord allows users to create their own servers about popular games. Servers are communities where members can conduct text or voice chats.

Reasons for a Discord Ban

As with any social platform out there, Discord has a list of rules to guide its users. You can get banned from Discord by server administrators or by Discord.

When a server administrator bans you, you will no longer have access to that server. However, you can chat on other servers. On the other hand, if Discord bans you, then you cannot access the entire digital platform.

Below are some of the reasons that could lead to a Discord ban:

  • Organizing, participating or encouraging the harassment of others
  • Repeatedly sending friend requests or messages to users that have made it clear they are not interested in talking to you
  • Failing to use the Not Safe For Work (NSFW) label on channels
  • Sharing sadistic images and content that displays animal cruelty
  • Selling your account or server
  • Sending spam to other users
  • Facilitating hate speech 

If you violate the published rules, Discord can issue a warning, delete the disparaging content, or remove your account or server. On the contrary, if you violate server rules, you will get banned and will most likely not get a warning. You could also get banned on other servers for violating the rules of one server.

How Were You Banned From Discord?

how to get unbanned from discord

Discord utilizes usernames and IP addresses to track users. Therefore, when you violate server rules or the overall Discord guidelines, you cannot access the services you have been banned from using with your username or your device’s IP address.

Even though you change your username, you still cannot use the banned services because the platform will recognize your IP address thereby blocking it from accessing Discord or a Discord server.

That means that if you are determined to start accessing the banned services, you will not only need a new username but also a new IP address.

How to Get Unbanned From Discord

Fortunately, there are several ways to get unbanned from Discord.

  • Firstly, you can send a direct message or a friend request to the server owner or high-ranking server staff members if you can to plead your case. If your case of misconduct was not that severe, you may get unbanned if you promise to observe the rules. However, according to server owners on Quora and Reddit, violators of rules never get second chances.
  • That brings us to the second option. Because you will most likely not receive forgiveness, your best chance of regaining access to Discord is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The beauty of using a VPN is that you can hide your real IP address and in turn get an IP address of another country.
  • Thirdly, you can change your username to something different from your previous name. For instance, if your username was previously “Smart Rookie” you cannot change it to “Smart_Rookie” because the administrators will notice.

Therefore, with a new username and a new IP address, you can create a new Discord account and no one will ever know that you were previously banned.

Start Using Discord Again

To start using Discord or a Discord server again, here are the steps you should take if you use Discord on your macOS:

  • Close your Discord application
  • Go to Library>Application Support and permanently delete the Discord folder
  • Open your applications folder and permanently remove Discord
  • Restart your computer
  • Reinstall the Discord application
  • Launch your VPN and connect to a server in another country to get a new IP address
  • Open the Discord app
  • Register a new account with a different email address from your previous account. Remember to use an entirely different username
  • Once you have created a new account, you can sign in and join the server you were banned from using

If you are using Discord on Windows, follow these steps:

  • Close your Discord application
  • Go to Local Disk (C)>Users>Admin>AppData>Local. To see the AppData folder, you might need to enable hidden items by checking the “Hidden Items” box under the “View” tab. Open the Local folder to find the Discord folder. Once you find it, hit “Shift +delete” to permanently delete it
  • Restart your device
  • Reinstall the Discord application
  • Open your VPN and connect to a server in another country to acquire a new IP address
  • Launch Discord and create a new account with a different email address and username
  • Access the server you were banned from using

Note that once you have created a new account, you can disable your VPN. This is because you only needed it to create a new account.

Learning Your Lesson

Now that you have gained full access to Discord once again, you should not repeat the same mistakes. Read and observe the rules of Discord and all the servers that you join.

However, it is important to keep in mind that you could follow the rules and get banned because the server owner does not like you. If this happens, you can raise the issue with them without bugging them.

In the unfortunate case that they do not want to unban you, you can let it go and join other servers that treat users more fairly. Alternatively, you can take control and create your own server.

Ivy is an experienced freelance contributor to the Dark Web Journal who focuses on technology and current affairs. Ivy Harper is a pseudonym.

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