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Top 10 Hacker Memes to Laugh At in 2020

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Hackers are at the center of the cybersecurity space; some exploiting vulnerabilities for personal gains, others helping to strengthen cyber defenses. As a result, there are plenty of hacker memes floating around online.

Below, you will find ten hacking memes that will make you laugh.

Feeling Like a Hacker After Using a Windows Shortcut

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Ctrl+C is a computer shortcut for copying text from a part of a document so it can be pasted elsewhere. Copying text can be done without using this shortcut. You’ll have to right-click after marking the text, then choose ‘copy’ from the drop-down box. This process is longer than using the shortcut.

How to Detect Fake Black Hat Hackers

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Credit card scammers call unsuspecting people and lie that their card has been hacked. Then they ask for their credit card details so they will ‘help them rectify the issue ‘. If the person gives them the details, the scammer defrauds them of their money.

Even Kids Want to Feel Like Hackers

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Kids do get excited when they learn how to download simple applications on their school computers.

Ask Google How to Hack its Search Engine

Google Hacking

Will Google tell you how to hack it? Doubtful.

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Does Creating Multiple Free Trials Make you Feel Like a Hacker too?

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Sites that offer free trials only allow one free trial per email address. There are times that people open multiple email addresses so they’ll be able to access the free trial more than once.

Don’t Play Games With a Hacker

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FPS means frame per second. In gaming terms, it measures the frame rate, which represents how smoothly a game will run on your computer.

World hacking is a hacking method that allows a user to manipulate bugs in a game to their advantage. It relies on the fact that an FPS server actually sends the raw positional information (real positions) for all players in the game to the player’s PC. It then leaves it up to the player’s 3D renderer to hide opponents behind walls, in plant foliage, or in dark shadows.

If the game map rendering can be turned off completely by the hacker, all players could be seen moving around in free space. The hacker can then manipulate certain features to allow him to navigate easily.

Challenging People to Hack your Wifi?

Imagine challenging people to hack your wifi and thereby naming it ‘hack if you can’. Then following day, the name had already been changed by someone else to ‘challenge accepted’, what would you do?

Not Everyone Who Can Code Can Hack

People usually assume wrongly that everyone who codes can hack networks.

Every Hacker in Movies

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In movies, hackers seldomly use their mouse. They just type very quickly on the keyboard, then say ‘I’m in’.

Hacking With a Toaster?

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