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How to Access the Dark Web/Deep Web on Your iPhone

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You may have reasons for wanting to access the deep web on-the-go. In this article, we explore how to access the dark web on iPhone or devices that run iOS. 

If you follow the steps below, you will be able to consume dark web content and or interact with others over the dark web using your iPhone.

1. Get a Dark Web Browser for iPhone

There are deep web browsers that enable you to run darknet sites without problems on your iPhone. Onion browser and Red Onion Browser, for example, allow you to access .onion site on your iPhone.

The Red Onion Browser is a paid application that costs $1.99 to purchase on your iPhone. Conversely, Onion Browser, which the Tor Project recommends, is free.

2. Use a VPN for Extra Security

Even though most Tor network-enabled browsers have features that protect users, it is not enough. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) come in handy for the protection of your device and data.

Tor browsers usually cover the basics by ensuring your connections to sites hide your IP. Vulnerabilities still exist regardless and can be mitigated by combining Tor and VPNs. Most top VPNs work on the iPhone.

3. Access Sites

After downloading the essential applications, you can now access dark web sites on your iPhone.

If you know where exactly you are going, you can enter the address in your Tor browser. However, if you need to search for dark web content, you can use DuckDuckGo or StartPage. Both are private search engines that crawl dark web content.

Do’s and Don’ts When Accessing the Dark Web on Your iPhone

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Using the dark web can be dangerous, especially on your phone as it carries a lot of personal information. Here are some tips on things you should do and not do while using the dark web on iPhone:

Don’t Share Personal Information

Avoid sharing your personal information while using the dark web. It would help if you stayed clear off sites that require you to enter your personal data before usage.

Critical information like your whereabouts, images, or videos should not be shared on the deep web to protect you from bad actors.

Don’t Share Your Financial Details

A mistake some people make is to share their financial information on the dark web. The laws that produce consumers on the general internet cannot be applied to the letter on sites hidden on unknown parts of the internet with little to no trace of owners or origin.

Sharing your financial data – like credit card information – on a dark web site opens you up to theft. On the other hand, cryptocurrency payments are more secure and do not require any sensitive data should you need to make financial transactions.

Finally, links on the deep web could be traps that might lead you to illegal content. To prevent this, you should avoid clicking any links that you are not sure of! 

In conclusion, it is not difficult to access the dark web on the iPhone, but it comes with the responsibility of protecting your data and device.

Alex is the founder & editor-in-chief of the Dark Web Journal. He is passionate about Bitcoin, online privacy, and digital freedom.

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