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Dark Web and Deep Web Screenshots That May Creep You Out

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Deep Web Screenshots

The dark web can be a hidden trove of strange and disturbing content. While creepy content can also be found on the regular internet, most platforms have rules to flag and block such content. However, the relative obscurity of the deep web, and by extension, the dark web attracts all manner of unethical sites. Below, you will find some of the weirdest deep web screenshots you will ever see.

Creepy Deep Web Screenshots

Adolf Hitler Memorial

Visit any forum on the deep and dark web and you will come across all types of weird and disturbing content. In line with the unwritten censor-free ethos of the dark web, content can be posted and displayed without the risk of moderators pulling it down.

One such forum is 4chan, a hotbed for unscripted rumors, news, obscene discussions, and theories. The thread below was definitely hilarious in a sick way!

dark web screenshots

The People’s Drug Store

This site tries to portray the image of your typical online store with the slight difference of selling illicit drugs such as heroin, speed, etc. but without the hassle of middlemen.

You can even earn bitcoin by referring friends. While this could turn out to be fraudulent, the brazen way in which they promote the drug trade is truly shocking.

darknet screenshots

Executive Outcomes

Executive Outcomes claim to be an international arms trafficking site with a distribution network in over six countries.

You can even make a custom order for a weapon from key weapon manufacturers. As to the veracity of these claims we can only guess!

deep web screenshots

There are arguably worse things to see on the dark web than illegal drugs and arms markets. However, a lot of content on the darknet is not only unethical, creepy, and odd but also illegal.

What You Need To Know About Reporting Crypto Taxes

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Crypto Taxes

In its official guidelines, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has specifically confirmed that all kinds of cryptocurrencies are not to be regarded as virtual currencies but as property for taxation purposes instead. This refers to all cryptocurrencies, including XRP, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc. Such crypto-coins would be regulated in the same way as other types of property such as real estate, securities, gold, etc.

If you happen to be a crypto-trader who has intentionally failed to disclose your crypto-taxes, it would be considered a criminal act and a serious offense. Note, however, that not all activities surrounding cryptocurrencies are taxable.

More About Taxable And Non-Taxable Events

Recall that a taxable event is an occurrence that creates a tax reporting obligation, i.e., whenever a taxable event happens, a capital gain or capital loss will have to be registered on the tax returns. A taxable case is when any of the following crypto-activities occur, as per the IRS guidelines.

  • It is considered a taxable event when you exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money (Bitcoin to USD).
  • When exchanging for other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin to Litecoin) cryptocurrency; At the time of exchange, Cryptocurrency traders would need to measure the Fair Market Value (FMV) at USD.
  • If cryptocurrency is obtained as an income source (by mining or other means of income).
  • If buying products or services with cryptocurrency (Fair Market Value measurement in USD at the time of the exchange).

Traders must remember what constitutes a non-taxable activity as they go through how to report crypto taxes. It happens when the crypto-activities occur, as mentioned below.

  • Whenever a crypto trader transfers cryptocurrency among crypto exchanges or Ordinals inscriptions through a Bitcoin Ordinals wallet without causing a capital gain or loss.
  • It is not taxable when cryptocurrency is obtained as a present/gift.
  • Buying and owning cryptocurrency is not a taxable activity because there will be no capital gains or losses until you transfer or sell your cryptocurrency.

Accurate Tax Reports

If it comes to how to report crypto taxes in the correct way, you can find that perhaps the data given by your crypto exchange is inconsistent. If you’re a crypto trader who moved crypto in and out of exchanges, your initial cost basis becomes unknown. It is due to the crypto exchange not understanding how, when, where, and at what cost the cryptocurrency was initially purchased for.

Only depending on what shows in your account will your exchange provide you with the details. When the asset is passed to another exchange, there is a lack of the opportunity to provide precise information on fair market value and cost base. All of these components are needed to calculate your crypto taxes by using a crypto tax calculator.

Using a crypto tax program is advisable when you start the process of how to report crypto taxes. These tools can import all your crypto data from multiple platforms and can measure your cost structure and FMV accurately. It will reduce the risk of error and fasten the calculation process for your crypto taxes.

Regardless of whether you invest in crypto via a Bitcoin ETP, use bitcoin for remittance purposes, or save in the digital currency using a Bitcoin savings plan, if a taxable event occurs, you need to track it.

Winning money in a Bitcoin casino, however, is typically not a taxable event. Although, it’s best to check what the law says in your local jurisdiction.

Best Crypto Tax Software


Using tax tools like BearTax will significantly simplify your crypto-complication when you go through how to report crypto taxes. BearTax was launched in 2018 and has benefited a great deal from cryptocurrency small-scale businesses. It supports more than 40 significant crypto exchanges, with few of its key features being the following.

  • Direct importing of CSV files
  • Cryptocurrency traders are given High-Frequency Trading (HFC) bots
  • Known for supporting limitless transactions
  • It has been integrated with various cryptocurrency exchanges


When you’re a crypto trader and going on about how to report crypto taxes, CryptoTrader.Tax is both a crypto tax app for beginners and experienced traders alike. Several of its main features are outlined below.

  • IRS Form 8949 compliant
  • Report on capital gains
  • Reports on cryptocurrency revenue
  • ability to directly import with TurboTax
  • Ability to generate audit reports


ZenLedger began in 2017 and rapidly grew to be one of the market’s strongest crypto-tax software. ZenLedger supports over 18 major crypto exchanges, which are favored by many crypto traders for its simple user interface and exemplary capabilities. Any of their main characteristics are as follows. 

  • Can generate audit reports
  • Generate tax-loss harvesting reports
  • Traders have the option of choosing their preferred method of accounting
  • Financial Crimes Enforcement Network alerts.
  • Ability to calculate the cryptocurrency obtained via mining


Bitcoin.Tax was introduced back in 2014, the IRS issued the first guidelines on cryptocurrencies that same year. Several crypto traders have confirmed that when it comes to “how to report crypto taxes?”, this is one of the strongest crypto tax software. Currently, it supports more than 20 big crypto exchanges. Listed below are some of the unique features of Bitcoin.Tax

  • Crypto mining information can also be imported directly.
  • Calculation and reports of Fair Market Value data, cost base, and capital gains.
  • Can generate the report for IRS Form 8949
  • CSV files can be imported from crypto exchanges
  • LIFO and FIFO accounting method options

Bitcoin.Tax has no free version of the crypto-tax app. The price begins for the basic tier at $29.95 annually and rises to $399.95 for its highest version, which comes packaged with several added features.

VICE Motherboard: ‘Buying Guns and Drugs on the Deep Web’ Documentary

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In this documentary, VICE Motherboard shows how shockingly easy it is to buy drugs, guns, and other contraband on the deep web.

The 20-minute long documentary highlights how dark web marketplaces function and how anyone with an Internet connection can easily gain access to almost anything on the deep web.

Buying firearms or illegal narcotics on dark web marketplaces are almost as easy to order online as purchasing a book on Amazon, which is one of the reasons why the term ‘dark web’ has become synonymous with crime.

What Are the Dark Web, Darknet, and Deep Web?

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what is the dark web

The internet is enormous, yet a large part of it remains untouched by most web users. This vast and often overlooked portion of the web is referred to by the names such as the dark web, darknet, and deep web. These terms are used to describe parts of the internet that cannot be accessible to users with standard web browsers.

In this guide, you will find a detailed answer to the question: “What is the dark web, the darknet, and the deep web.”

What is the Deep Web?

what is the deep web

The deep web can simply be described as any web page that is not indexed by a traditional search engine such as Google.

A useful analogy to describe the deep web would be the exploration of the world’s oceans. Humans have over the years built machines like submarines to enable us to explore the vast expanse of the world’s oceans. While we have succeeded in discovering new things in our oceans, we have only managed to scratch the surface. A majority of our oceans cannot be accessed by submarines or people unless specialized hardware is used and the conditions are right.

For many individuals, their web activity is limited to about twenty to fifty websites, with most of it being Google-related sites and services. Similar to the explorer submarines, the search engines scour the internet and display what they find to users.

However, there are servers and sites that standard search engines like Google and Bing are unable to access. This hidden part of the web is known as the deep web.

Experts estimate that the deep web is a hundred times larger than the surface web.

The deep web comprises of mostly legal content that is not listed on search engines and requires special permissions to access such as bank records, password protected pages, encrypted chat records, email correspondence, paid streaming services, and many more.

It is important to note, there are parts of the deep web that you can access through inventive online searches. Also, some sites may opt not to be included in a search engine’s listing, but if you are aware of their IP address or direct URL, you can still access them.

What is the Darknet?

what is the darknet

The darknet is an encrypted network built over the internet which requires specific software and tools to access the network. Rarely do conventional protocols used in the internet work on the darknet.

The darknet provides privacy to its users. An example of a darknet is Tor or sometimes referred to as the ‘Onion router’. To access a darknet you need a special type of darknet browser, such as Tor.

Tor utilizes the hidden service protocol to enter everyday internet websites, but also access many hidden sites that cannot be accessed via conventional browsers. Each site limited to the Tor network has an identifiable .onion address, and thus the Tor network is also known as Onionland.

Another type of darknet is a friend to friend (F2F) network. In this scenario, two people who are familiar communicate directly over the internet. These type of darknet can facilitate the sharing of files via the peer-to-peer (P2P) network. The network can be encrypted and only accessible by the concerned parties.  

What is the Dark Web?

what is the dark web

The dark web is a subset of the deep web. To decipher the dark web you need to understand the distinction between the deep web and darknet, and how these correlate to the regular internet, which in itself is different from the World Wide Web (www).

While the deep web is a part of the World Wide Web that cannot be accessed by search engines, and with darknets being encrypted networks, the dark web can be compared to a World Wide Web of darknets like Freenet, Tor, etc. Essentially, sites and services running on the darknet constitute the dark web.

Scope of the Dark Web

The dark web is often referred to as the seedy underbelly of the internet, with shady dealings and criminal activity running unchecked. According to research by Daniel Moore and Thomas Rid of King’s College in London, up to fifty-seven percent of dark websites sampled in a five-week period, host illicit material.

The reality is that you can purchase a host of illegal items and services on the dark web since it is mostly uncensored. For instance, you can obtain credit card information, stolen subscriptions, drugs, counterfeit products, and hacking software, just to name a few.

You can even buy credentials for a bank account containing thousands of dollars for only a few hundred dollars. You can obtain usernames and passwords to loaded debit cards, Netflix accounts and even buy counterfeit dollar bills.

However, despite the illegal activity on the dark web, there are also a number of legitimate sites and services.

The dark web has become a haven for journalists and whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, or even activists protesting against authoritarian regimes.

How Do I Access the Dark Web?

With all the described activities in the dark web, you can easily mistake it for a bustling marketplace, that is easy to navigate. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Navigating the dark web is a messy and chaotic process, which can be attributed to the fact that participants are mostly anonymous and dubious services being offered.

To visit the dark web you need to install a specialized browser that anonymizes your network connections, such as Tor or I2P. The Tor browsers allow you to route your web page requests via a series of proxy servers, hiding your IP address and making your connection untraceable. However, while Tor serves to mask your identity, using it to access the dark web can be slow, unpredictable and at times unreliable.

Search Engines on the Dark Web

Searching the dark web is reminiscent to navigating the internet in the mid-90s.

While dark web search engines exist, the dark web landscape is constantly evolving making it hard for these engines to index sites and services. Search engines like Not Evil, often return results that are repetitive and unrelated to the query.

Nature of Dark Web Websites

As referenced earlier, dark websites have a different naming structure to those of regular sites. While regular sites end with .com or .co, dark websites end with .onion. The special suffix designates an anonymous hidden service, accessible through the Tor network. Only dark web browsers with the appropriate proxy can reach these sites.

Dark web website
Example of a dark web websites: SoylentNews

Moreover, dark web websites use a scrambled naming structure that produces URLs that are almost impossible to recall. Consequently, coming across an unintelligible address such as ‘eajwlvm3z2lcca76.onion’ is normal.

It is important to remember, most dark websites are fronts for scammers who are always on the move to avoid retribution from their victims. Therefore, sites shutting down after a year or so, after fleecing users is common.

In addition, law enforcement agencies have become adept at tracking and prosecuting owners of illegal dark web websites dealing in illicit goods and services.

In May 2019, German police shut down one of the largest dark websites, accused of facilitating the sale of drugs, contraband, stolen data, and malicious software. Still, even with the extra scrutiny from law enforcement, some owners still manage to migrate to new addresses, and therefore users may expect to wake up and find a site has shut down only to reappear days later elsewhere.

Commerce on the Dark Web


Commerce on the dark web has flourished since the rise of digital currencies. The cryptocurrency bitcoin has been instrumental in the growth of dark web marketplaces as it enables pseudonymous decentralized peer-to-peer payments.

However, bitcoin’s pseudonymity and the inherent number of bad actors in the dark web makes it hard to foster a semblance of trust when transacting in the place. Hence, even if you intend to purchase legal items, there is a good chance that you will lose your funds or that you will not receive your purchased goods.

Enforcing any type of quality control such as ratings, reviews; in retail sites is difficult when both buyers and sellers are anonymous. The credibility of any rating system is dubious and can be easily manipulated. Cases of sellers with long track records of delivery, suddenly disappearing with their customers’ digital coins only to resurface under a different identity, are numerous.

Some e-commerce sites have in-built escrows to hold customer funds until there is confirmation of product delivery. However, in case of a dispute do not expect some third-party arbitration. Instead, transacting parties will have to sort it out among themselves. All communication is encrypted, and thus you need a PGP key for the simplest transactions.

Having said that, more and more legitimate websites are starting to have a presence on the dark web. The dark web has practical value for activists, whistleblowers, and journalists who need to communicate in a secure, encrypted manner to avoid potential persecution.

TED Talk: How the Dark Web is Going Mainstream

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In his TED Talk, Jamie Bartlett talks about how the technological innovations found on dark web marketplaces are moving into the mainstream.

He explains in his talk how transacting on a dark web marketplace works and how it has evolved in only a few short years.

Bartlett presents dark web transactions in a humorous but authentic way and, thereby, helps to demystify some of the misconceptions about the darknet and its illegal marketplaces.

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