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Top 5 Dark Web Forums That You Can Access Legally in 2020

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Dark web forums can be a great place to discuss a wide variety of topics anonymously and with relative freedom. While there are many message boards for nefarious characters to discuss illicit activities, there are also dozens of perfectly legal deep web forums you can access.

In this article, we share a list of popular dark web forums where you can join others in discussing the dark web, cybersecurity, and more.

RockSolid Light 

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RockSolid Light is one of the most active dark web communities with up to 5K+ active members. The Rocksolid forums are distributed news servers running private newsgroups for numerous user access. The structure of the forum is similar to how Tor works, a network of servers that are always up and reachable.

Rocksolid Light is a good source that has multiple topics including discussion about cryptography, i2p, Tor, Linux, entertainment, Freenet, general news, and even a help desk where you can ask any tech-related questions.


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The user interface and structure of NanoChan shows that it was created for nerds on the dark web. This forum has much more relaxed discussions than many other forums. Members can discuss multiple topics like comics, anime, video games, and there’s another board dedicated to technology.

The forum is not suitable for newbies looking to learn about the dark web. It is set up for people who already know about the dark web and are looking to interact with like-minded techies. The site bans anyone who posts child pornography or links to sites that promote such to keep out unpalatable content.

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Raddle is a Reddit-like forum for people with strong political views. The forum has a surface web version and a .onion site.

The community has several forums that cater to the latest world news, anarchist views, climate change, capitalism, gender discussions, technology, privacy/security, anti-authoritarianism, as well as free, open-source software.

Though the forum allows for diverse views, the forum can still block users’ IP addresses. Additionally, users cannot post more than three submissions in an hour.



Endchan is an anonymous imageboard on the dark web that allows users to create and moderate their own boards. Members can create boards about anything they want and can contribute to other users’ boards.

The forum features high file size limits, overboard and multi-boards, a feature that allows users to see threads for only selected boards. Every post on the forum links to your IP address unless you make use of Tor or I2P hidden service.

EndChain also has several domains for accessibility and to avoid a single point of failure. It has over seven different domains available on the surface web and Tor network.

Reddit – r/Onions

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The r/Onions subreddit has over 143k members, making it one of the largest dark web forum on Reddit. It has a plethora of discussions on everything related to the Tor network, which includes the Tor browser, operating systems, and onion services.

There are discussions about ongoing projects on the Onion network, security vulnerabilities, creating your own onion site, running a Tor bridge, and so on. Aside from advanced talk about Tor, the forum also has a page that caters to newbies. The page answers all the questions you might have concerning the dark web like: “Types of .onion addresses”, “How do I use Tor while on my mobile device?”, the differences between a VPN and Tor, and many more.

The forum takes a strong stance against discussing illicit goods or services. It also does not allow posting reviews of illegal goods or selling illicit goods. 

Feranmi is a freelance contributor to the Dark Web Journal. He is an experienced researcher and writer in areas such as decentralization and cryptocurrencies.