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Top 3 Best Hacking Simulator Programs

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Hacking simulator games or programs create a demo environment for you to learn and test hacking skills. Hacker simulator programs are great for aspiring hackers who want to acquire technical skills in an intuitive manner. 

There are several hacking simulators with a focus on hacking techniques and the use of principles of hacking. Beyond just learning how to hack individually, some of these hacker simulator programs hold annual competitions where you could even win money.

In this guide, you will find three of the best hacking simulators you can find in 2020.

NITE Team 4

Nite Team 4 is a hacker simulator game that is built around the theme of a hacking training booth camp. The text-based puzzle-like gameplay incorporates real-life cybersecurity skills like forensics, exploit research attacks, port scanning, and data gathering. 

In this game, you play the role of a hacker who completes puzzles to get the information needed to complete tasks and progress to the next stage. What’s more, you can also play in multiplayer mode where you partner with other players to solve more complex tasks. 

Further, the game operates competitions around real-world scenarios, which require a lot of effort to crack. Players that perform well in these missions win bounties and earn higher spots on the platform’s ranking list.

There are about 25 certificates to earn by playing this game.

Hack The Box

Hack the Box is a web-based hacker simulator. It is a platform where you can check your hack penetration testing skills. Also, the platform’s vast catalog of experienced hackers makes it a fantastic community to learn.

hacker simulator

Various levels of difficulty are built around real-life activities and are frequently updated to express the ever-changing nature of the hacking world.

Before you start the game, you will have to get an invite code that you can attain through a task that requires you to use your hacking skills. If you are unable to hack the code, you won’t be able to use the hacking simulator platform.

You start the game as a hacker trying to penetrate various machines. The more devices you hack, the more points you gain to increase your Hack the Box rank.


Unlike most of the hacker simulator platforms mentioned on this list, Bandit is one for absolute beginners. If you just started learning or you now want to learn, Bandit is a good simulator to try out.

You start the game by completing straightforward hacking tasks. The more tasks you complete, the more levels you unlock. There are a total of 34 levels for you to get through. Finally, despite its fundamental nature, the higher levels come with more complications and require you to up your hacking skills. 

Other great hacking simulator platforms you can try out include Uplink, Hackmud, and Hacknet. Alternatively, you can try pranking your mum using GeekPrank, which simulates movie-style hacking on your screen.

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