Dark Web and Deep Web Screenshots That May Creep You Out

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Deep Web Screenshots

The dark web can be a hidden trove of strange and disturbing content. While creepy content can also be found on the regular internet, most platforms have rules to flag and block such content. However, the relative obscurity of the deep web, and by extension, the dark web attracts all manner of unethical sites. Below, you will find some of the weirdest deep web screenshots you will ever see.

Creepy Deep Web Screenshots

Adolf Hitler Memorial

Visit any forum on the deep and dark web and you will come across all types of weird and disturbing content. In line with the unwritten censor-free ethos of the dark web, content can be posted and displayed without the risk of moderators pulling it down.

One such forum is 4chan, a hotbed for unscripted rumors, news, obscene discussions, and theories. The thread below was definitely hilarious in a sick way!

dark web screenshots

The People’s Drug Store

This site tries to portray the image of your typical online store with the slight difference of selling illicit drugs such as heroin, speed, etc. but without the hassle of middlemen.

You can even earn bitcoin by referring friends. While this could turn out to be fraudulent, the brazen way in which they promote the drug trade is truly shocking.

darknet screenshots

Executive Outcomes

Executive Outcomes claim to be an international arms trafficking site with a distribution network in over six countries.

You can even make a custom order for a weapon from key weapon manufacturers. As to the veracity of these claims we can only guess!

deep web screenshots

There are arguably worse things to see on the dark web than illegal drugs and arms markets. However, a lot of content on the darknet is not only unethical, creepy, and odd but also illegal.

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