What Are Warez Sites?

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Warez sites are online platforms where you can download pirated software. Additionally, they also provide scripts and trojans for gaining unauthorized entry into systems.

The word warez (W4r3z) is the plural representation of the word “ware” (computer ware). Warez sites copy software and make them available to all. Hackers crack and remove codes that protect software products to open it up to users who can’t access it.

Pirated computer software has become extremely popular for various reasons. Some software is expensive, making it difficult for some users to afford it. Additionally, people patronize pirated content because of regional availability issues. Certain software products are not available in some countries, which makes it impossible for users to access it legally.

Early Day Warez Sites

In the late 90s, warez sites began to spring up due to the increase in media on the internet. The biggest warez site scandal was with Napster, an audio downloading platform.

Napster was built by Shawn Fanning for himself and friends to trade mp3 files over the internet. Later, the number of files on the site and users increased, making it one of the most popular file download sites then.

As of February 2001, Napster had 80 million users per month. In July 2000, Metallica accused Napster of copyright infringement. In a case that lasted for about a year, Napster reached a settlement with Metallica.

Moving forward, more warez sites paid attention to copyright issues. Nevertheless, there are still several warez places that don’t regard copyright issues, especially on the dark web.

Due to the nature of warez sites, it’s essential to take measures to safeguard your privacy before visiting them. Some of these sites include dangerous pop-ups and background code that track your activities online or may cause your device to be compromised.

Currently, most warez sites rely on ads to generate revenue. In recent times, Google Ads has banned such sites, causing their revue to drop.

Are Warez Sites Illegal?

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The legality of warez sites differs from country to country. It is crucial for you to check the laws in your jurisdiction should you decide to use a warez site.

Based on general copyright conventions, running a warez site is seen as a form of copyright infringement punishable by law as a crime. For instance, several site owners have been prosecuted and convicted for trade-in warez products.

However, some countries do not prosecute site owners and even encourage such sites. For example, Iran doesn’t forbid people from running warez sites in the country. Microsoft has been used illegally in the country, according to records from 2004.

There is really no need to access these sites unless you are up to something. As a result, we would not recommend that you visit any. Not only could you easily catch malware but you are also likely going to break the law by downloading a file.