What is a Black Hat Hacker

What is a Black Hat Hacker?

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If you keep up with technology and follow the news, then you do know that there are different types of hackers. However, black hat hackers are generally the ones you hear the most about. But what is a black hat hacker?

In this guide, we will answer that question.

Introducing Black Hat Hackers

Black hat hackers use system vulnerabilities to exploit individuals as well as organizations. The aim is generally to make a financial gain at the expense of their victoms.

Hacker types were derived by westerns in the 1950s from the colors of their hats. Bad guys had black hats while good guys had white hats.

Black hat hackers operate as groups or individuals. They aim to gain unauthorized access to networks or computer systems and exploit them for their own malicious or financial gains.

Characteristics of Malicious Hackers

black hat hacker
  • Have extensive knowledge about bypassing security protocols and breaking into computer networks
  • Gain unauthorized access to computer systems and networks and exploit them for their own financial or malicious gains
  • Develop and sell malicious malware that’s used to gain access to computer systems
  • They steal, modify, and destroy data
  • Range from amateurs whose main task is spreading malware to skilled hackers who steal financial information, login credentials, and other personal information

The Hacking Business

Most black hat hackers began as newbie “script kiddies”. They buy hacker tools and use them to exploit security vulnerabilities. However, the upper black hat echelon is composed of skilled hackers who work for criminal organizations or government-backed entities.

Digital Privacy

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Many black hat hackers get their jobs through connections or dark web forums. Some black hats develop and sell their own malicious software while others choose to work through different franchises or make leasing arrangements. Today, the distribution of malicious software is not hard. Malware kits are for sale on the dark web and often include customer service and warranties. This is partly due to the fact that hacking operates as a big business.

Black Hat Hackers Are Global

Cybercrime is a global problem. This makes it very difficult for law enforcement officers to put an end to it as hackers leave little or no evidence. They also use the computers of unsuspecting victims across different jurisdictions.

As such, the best protection is to ensure you keep your firewall on, install all operating system updates, install and run reputable antivirus software and antispyware application.

In addition, avoid downloading anything from unknown sources and turn off your internet to reduce exposure to black hat hackers when not in use.

Ivy is an experienced freelance contributor to the Dark Web Journal who focuses on technology and current affairs. Ivy Harper is a pseudonym.

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